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Welcome the interns of 2020

The intern recruitment for summer of 2020 has come to an end, LLVN would like to congratulate and welcome all final candidates that passed and officially joins the internship program.

All of us at LLVN wish and hope that you could take advantage of this opportunity to practice, to dive in, to earn experiences and accomplish the goals that you are aiming for.


Minh is currently a third-year advanced program student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. Starting an early internship, Minh quickly caught up with the real working environment and participating in researching, updating newly-issued laws and policies; providing legal services in the field of business licenses, trading and investment; drafting and reviewing contracts, labor and corporate governance; real estate business; commercial and civil disputes and litigation ...

Minh's ambition is to intern... as much as possible to strengthen and master professional knowledge in the fields of investment, merger and acquisition, contracts; and at the same time, to improve necessary skills to be prepared for future legal career.

With the philosophy of cherishing every moment of life to live fully, Minh is the one person who always proactively creates joy for himself and brings it to those around him as well.


Hao is currently a final year student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

Preparing for graduation and entering legal practice environment, Hao is confident of her experience that gained from previous apprenticeships and through the academic learning process such as participating in scientific research, writing articles, analyzing, commenting on legal issues in reality. Hao is currently engaged in researching and defending her graduation thesis with a topic on the activities of Vietnam Commercial Arbitration.

Majors in Commercial Law, Hao hopes to gain a deep understanding in Enterprises and Investment, as well as legal services relating to business and commerce.

With the motto "Luck will only comes when there is enough effort". Hao believes that this internship will be an opportunity for her to strive to achieve her career targets in the future.


Sang is currently a third-year student at Hochiminh City University of Law, majoring in International Law.

Besides the role of class representative, he is not only a Executive Committee member of Hochiminh Communist Youth Union of International Law Faculty but also a member of a global citizen project called "Bon Bon" working on sex education issues.

In addition to being active in union and association activities, in his professional practice, Sang also participated in a scientific research related to tax administration mechanism in e-commerce activities and worked as a legal research collaborator for Project X, studying about Proposition 65 Regulations, Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 in California, USA to provide recommendations and solutions to promote enterprises’ business model.

Before joining this internship program at Lawkink Vietnam, Sang worked as a Legal & Accounting Intern for Onpoint Company Limited, which is operating in e-commerce industry, and at 40HRS JSC as C&B Intern.

With a hardworking attitude, great enthusiasm and endless energy, Sang believes that he can contribute to LawLink Vietnam’s values both before and after the apprenticeship program, which will define more clearly about the future of his career.


Duyen is a fourth-year student majoring in Business Law of University of Economics and Law. At the university, Duyen is a member of the Clinical Legal Education team and has the opportunity to participate in various practical activities such as organizing mock trials, legal lectures, receiving questions and providing free legal advice to citizen,…

Before becoming an intern at Lawlink Vietnam, Duyen had the opportunity to practice law through internship programs at a number of companies. With the maxim "You were born an original, don’t die a copy", Duyen proved that she herself have made many efforts to change, to learn and to improve. It’s Duyen's dream to become a solicitor specializing in the business sector. In this internship program, Duyen wishes to practice, experience, contribute and deliver the best legal solutions to the Company's clients.

Once again, LLVN would like to congratulate and welcome all of Interns.

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