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Our real estate and construction practice reflect our cost-effective philosophy, with an emphasis on "getting the deal done". In addition to representing both purchasers and sellers, we represent financial institutions and private lenders in residential and commercial loan transactions.


One of our great strength is our ability to assist clients in the completion of Real Estate investment and development transactions and construction projects.

Below are our particular services:


Real Estate:

  • Licensing for Real Estate Investment Project/Project Amendment

  • Project Acquisitions and Transfers;

  • Business Cooperation & Collaborations;

  • Loan agreement;

  • Restructuring distressed loans and recovering secured assets;

  • Registration of ownership certificates (Red & Pink book)

  • Representing clients in court foreclosures and other secured asset recovery proceedings; 

  • Providing real estate advice in bankruptcy matters, including stays against lien enforcement, set-offs, preferences, fraudulent conveyances, leveraged buyouts, and the power of the debtor-in-possession or trustee to assume or reject leases and executory contracts; and advising clients about workouts outside bankruptcy, including the structuring and implementation of loan modification agreements, asset swaps and sales, and conveyances in lieu of foreclosure;

  • Representing services to Project Owner, Project Developer and Project Management in negotiating and dealing with buyers and residents in residential RE Projects; and

  • ​Other advisory and assistance at specific request. 

Bid and construction:

  •  Bidding strategy and management;

  •  Tender Consultancy;

  •  Contract Consultancy: reviewing, drafting, negotiating and management;

  •  Project management: establishment, licensing, organizing, operating and closing; and

  •  Advising on dispute resolution.


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