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This is one of the activities associated with our commitment and dedication to contribute to the community. Training is also one of the areas where some of our leading lawyers are really excellent at.

The training we do for the legal industry is not only about legal knowledge, but it’s also about the skills, the integrity and the passion for doing the legal job.

We provide training courses, from fitted basic legal framework to legal overall for the executive team and senior management, as well as training programs for the legal team and specialized staff in a specific area.

We also provide free training programs to "Selected Clients" include SME, charities, community organizations, and individuals who are marginalized or disadvantaged, and without means to obtain legal training.

Bellow are some basic programs:


  • Legislation on Corporate Governance for Business Owners and CEOs; 

  • Managing legal risks in investment activities;

  • Labor legislation and compliance requirements;

  • Tax laws and compliance requirements;

  • Law on real estate business;

  • Law on investment and business in the field of Fintech; 

  • Negotiation skills;

  • Effective writing skills.


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