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Our M&A team is comprised of lawyers who have experienced global cross-border M&A transactions and M&A experts who have deep insights into the Vietnamese market, its nature, and its business environment.

The firm represents foreign investors entering the Vietnamese market such as private venture capitalists, equity investors, private equity sponsors, individual investors and domestic companies receiving investments, in a wide variety of private equity transactions, including buyouts, early and late-stage venture investments, restructuring and re-capitalizations, assisting clients with full complements of legal and business services through the most efficient approach to their transactions and a smart project management process that enables the team to maintain excellence and control costs whilst performing in a responsive working manner.


Particularly, our service in the Mergers & Acquisitions is as follows:

  • Consulting on accessing to market and target company;

  • Consulting on preparation for M&A;

  • Advising legal framework, structure for the whole transaction;

  • Conducting legal due diligence & risk management;

  • Drafting and advising on transaction documents, contracts including sale and purchase agreements and shareholders/joint venture - members agreements and negotiating deals;

  • Advising on tax, labor law, and other legal ramifications; Dealing with local government agencies in order to obtain necessary approval/licenses, clearances or authorizations;

  • Advising on professional restructuring after M&A;

  • Advising on financial arrangements (fundings/investment capitals...);

  • Providing in-house counsel service & company's secretarial service; and

  • Other services upon specific requirements.


+ 84 908 10 77 88


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