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Lawlink Vietnam is a business law firm headquartered in Hochiminh City and with affiliated representations throughout Vietnam, SE Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States.


With a team of respected, top-caliber Vietnamese and international attorneys, veteran experts and advisers from diverse industries, Lawlink Vietnam has grown quickly and is now one of the more reputable law firms in Vietnam providing top quality advice to SMEs and entrepreneurs.


Our experience and know-how, together with extensive domestic and international network allow us to address the problem within different organizations in different sectors, to offer clients legal solutions, craft dynamic, and new strategies, and provide a clear road map for the resolution of clients' issues and the furtherance of client's interests.

We assist clients with the whole range of legal issues relating to their business and interests they may encounter from sophisticated corporate-commercial and finance matters to complex litigation and dispute resolution.

No matter whom we represent, our approach is simple: we are directed by clients' needs and instructions. We provide responsive, timely and cost-conscious services. We account to our clients with regular status reports, and fees and budgets updates. We initiate steps to reduce extraneous costs and use the client approved external experts judiciously. We keep your legal matters on track, on time and on budget.

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