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Lawlink Vietnam’s Onshore and Offshore Investment team has extensive experience in and outside Vietnam in connection with a wide range of financing and banking matters.

We support investors to quickly solve problems and find satisfactory solutions to the problem. Regardless of where the investor comes from, what sector of business they do, we provide clear legal resolution and roadmaps of the investment structure and business models; we assist investors to reach agreement with stakeholders and obtain the necessary licenses, at the most cost effective; We support investors to implement investment management, handle legal issues during the operation of investment projects, fund transfer and fun remittance.

Not only legal advice, we accompany with investors in the whole process, from the stage of seeking investment opportunities to the end of the investment cycle and capital. 

Specific services are as follow:


  • Advice on investment, business and project operational structure (investment form, join-venture structure, capital structure, project-operational structure...);

  • Conduct legal appraisals and assessments on target audiences (companies and projects);

  • Conduct legal due diligence of target companies and investment projects;

  • Draft, review and negotiate necessary agreements and contracts related to investment projects;

  • Conduct licensing services for necessary permits and approvals;

  • Advise on arranging investment capital, assisting investors to work with financial and credit institutions on capital arrangement;

  • Advise on issues of capital withdrawal, suspension, dissolution, fund transfer, fund remittance, and adjustment of investment projects; 

  • Provide independent supervision/internal control services to Investors in joint venture and joint-projects;

  • Provide ongoing legal advice to Foreign-invested Enterprises (FIEs) operating in Vietnam; and

  • Other assistance such as registration of bank account, tax and C&B matters. 


  • Provide Legal report and analysis on the mechanism and legal framework of the country or territory where the investor is expected to invest;

  • Provide advice on options for selecting applicable law, investment areas by region and industry;

  • Provide license services, especially in the fields of Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, banking and financial institutions; Real Estate and Argicutual Productions…;

  • Provide services of Internal and Independent Control and Compliance;

  • Support on accounting, auditing and recruitment matters; and

  • Provide advisory services on investment restructuring for the purpose of immigration and residency.

On financing & Banking matters, we advise on structures and strategies for the financing of sales and purchases of assets and interests in corporations, restructuring of corporations via refinancing, corporate lending, structured finance, acquisition finance, real estate finance, mortgages, pledges, guarantees and collateralization of corporate assets and real estate interests, growth and later-stage financing, project finance and development finance.



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