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“CIC” stands for “Corporate In-House Counsel” Service. This unique service is specially designed for enterprises who are seeking for an optimal legal solution for their daily business operation and transaction. Under this type of service, our leading lawyers will act as the separate legal department of your organization, and be responsible for providing a legal solution in your daily business operations, and to ensure strict compliance to laws of Vietnam.


By using CIC, clients shall have more than just a legal practitioner, but a trustworthy legal partner with a team of lawyers who are known as experienced in-house legal counsels for top blue-chip companies. We offer clients not only legal solutions, craft dynamic and new strategies, but clear roadmaps for the resolution of clients’ issues and the furtherance of clients’ interests.

The Corporate In-house Counsel Service includes:

- Laws & policies update and notification;

- Consult and support on Legal & Compliance for client's daily business operation, which covers:

·         Strategic advise to BOD, BOM;

-         Administrative and operational matters;

·         Tax;

·         Employment & Labor;

·         Business transactions and contracts;

·         Legal and Compliance;

·         Legal Secretarial Service

- Provide standardized legal templates;

- Internal training on legal and business basic, contract, and soft skills;

- Other support as per request.


+ 84 908 10 77 88


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