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To date, we have provided investment advisory and licensing services to three international schools (Singapore and Australia) in the field of educational investment including general education and university education, as well as involved in 04 acquisitions and mergers transactions in vocational training and language schools.


Our services include:


Investment and licensing:


·      Advice on direct and indirect procedures for investment in education, including investment project preparation and capital structure arrangements;

·      Advice on investment terms and conditions, prepare documents and carry out procedures for granting investment registration certificates, business operation licenses and School operating licenses.

·      Advice and negotiate on-premises leasing contracts, franchise contracts, service contracts between investors and third parties;

·      Assist investors to open investment accounts, register and declare initial taxes; and

·      Provide retainer services and compliance advisory through an in-house corporate legal service package.


Transfer of shares contributed capital and associated joint ventures:


•       Provide M&A service packages including legal due diligence of the target company and advice on transaction structure, taxes;

•       Consult, draft and negotiate contracts (Transfer of shares / contributed capital, joint venture)

•       Review/ amende the Charter of the enterprise according to the deal;

•       Complete the licenses after M&A transaction; and

•       Other legal supports related to the transaction and operation of the business after the transaction.


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