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For years to date, we have been working and providing services to our clients include organizations and startups in the area of finance and banking industry. 

We provide diversified-services which cover a wide ranges, such as the following areas: 

in the field of banking industry: 


  • Provide licensing services in establishment of digital banks in jurisdictions where investors can benefit a legal framework or regulatory sandboxes to obtain licenses in banking, directly or via our representation in such jurisdictions like Lithuania, Estonia, United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia;

  • Draft and provide clients with legal frameworks for operation of such banks;

  • Review and improvement of regulations, internal processes, standard forms, and agreements in the field of credit provision;

  • Represent clients in negotiations of capital arrangements, including handling of various assets; 

  • Provide services in recovering debts and in litigations. 

In the field of finance and fintech, we:

  • Provide legal advice on new business models work with clients on business models in order to comply with local laws and regulations. Services provided in Vietnam, Asia, Europe and UK;

  • Provide Licensing Services for incorporation and business activities of Fintech in Vietnam, Asia, Europe and UK;

  • Advise on mergers & acquisitions, includes structuring deals, conducting due diligence, drafting deal agreements, participating in negotiations, assisting licensing and compliance after M&A;

  • Provide contract services for fintech platforms;

  • Review and complete advice on the procedures, policies, internal management systems and external transactions of insurance companies;

  • Represent organizations and individuals in many litigation cases & lawsuits;

  • ​Other related legal services upon clients' needs. 


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