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In this field, we provide a comprehensive solution to legal issues related to the entire recruitment and employment of businesses, including domestic and foreign, specifically as follow:


- Consulting and carrying out procedures for work permits, working visas and permanent residence cards for foreign employees working in Vietnam;

- Reviewing, drafting and providing a full set of templates in recruitment, management and employment, including:

  • + Probationary agreements, labor contracts, other agreements such as Non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement, training agreement and other agreements besides labor contracts;

  • + Labor regulations, collective labor agreements;

  • + Recruitment processes and procedures, policy and settlement of compensation and benefits, termination of labor contracts;


- Consulting, reviewing, building a foundation of payroll scales and C&B policies:

  • + Consulting, reviewing and conducting procedures related to personal income tax and insurance issues of employees;

  • + Consulting on handling employee relations, labor disputes;


- Representing enterprises / employees in disputes, complaints and lawsuits related to recruitment and employment.


We also represent employees to negotiate and settle terms and conditions of a Labor contract; labor disputes and civil disputes related to labor contracts such as claim for compensation and insurance...


+ 84 908 10 77 88


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