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Babak Ehsani

Babak's graduated and practiced as an architect in Europe, he however had  spent a lot of time for his hobby and passion in the area of computer science and technology, and cheerfully achieved the highest certification in the fields of computer, internet, web design and software development. In addition to the creation and designing of urban and residential buildings, Babak is also an "architect" for many websites and internal information management systems of businesses.


He makes an important contribution to the Lawlink Vietnam team in creating and delivering the best services to clients through effective information management solutions and is the "doctor" for every situation of a computer malfunction in the firm. 


Being inspired by Babak's passion for computer and technology, Lawlink Vietnam's has been continuing and constantly approaching and researching new technology trends. This is not only useful for our internal management, but also helps us to quickly update new changes and demands of our clients in developing and expanding their business and investments toward the era of technology, and on that basis, improve service quality to meet the highest requirements of clients. 

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