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In the field of healthcare, medical and beauty, we have been providing the following services to clients who are pharmaceutical companies, private hospitals, medical examination and treatment centers, dental clinics and beauty centers, including institutional and individual investors.


Our services include:


- Consulting and providing investment license, incorporation license and operating license services for hospitals, health care centers, dental clinics, beauty salons, pharmacy shops, etc .;

- Contract review, drafting and negotiation services, such as:


  • MOU, Joint venture agreement, investment cooperation agreement for institutional and individual investors in various forms of capital mobilization and investment in the field of investment in healthcare, medical and beauty services;

  • Legal templates and documents in the field of medical examination and treatment, medical services, cosmetic and beauty services ... such as service contracts, insurance contracts, commitment to limit / waive liability, NDA…;

  • Contracts, agreements in the field of equipment supply, hospital management services, contracts to provide other services such as protection, collection and disposal of waste..;


- Representative Service: 

  • Represent Investors in the independent control role in a joint venture projects; and

  • Represent hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, beauty salons ... in working and dealing with third parties including state agencies and customers to solve related issues during the operation process and provide services of hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, beauty salons ...


- Participating in legal proceedings of lawsuits, protecting clients' legitimate rights and interests.


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