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Graduated from the University of Economics and Law with a major in Commercial Law, and is preparing to fulfill the Lawyer training program of Judicial Academy, Hieu's taken the opportunity to contribute her talent and gain experience by performing her best as an assistant to Lawlink Vietnam's lawyer in drafting and reviewing legal documents for transaction in diverse fields such as service supplement in terms of fintech, retail, consumer goods, import and export trade. Besides, Hieu also implements direct licenses for investment projects and enterprise establishment for clients in Vietnam and conducts in-depth studies on the legal framework of different nations, territories for new fin-tech services.




Research and writing are also what Hieu has been doing since landed in Lawlink Vietnam. Clients may find from our website and social fan pages what they exactly need to know about all the licenses required for doing business in Vietnam, and much of that useful guidance was prepared by Hieu. 


One of the highlights of Hieu is that she has very prospects to become a 5-star chef, especially in Vietnamese traditional cuisine. At Lawlink Vietnam. And this probably is one of the reasons for us to love her even more! 

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