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hoàng lê minh

Le Minh graduated in Law (Advanced Program) from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.


By completing the Advanced Bachelor's Program in Law, Le Minh's knowledge and understanding encompass not only domestic law but also international law. With the opportunity to intern at the People’s Court of District 5 and various law firms, Le Minh has gained valuable experiences and practical insights such as studying, researching, and analyzing legal regulations, drafting contracts, organizing files, and working with litigants in court or with clients at law firms. Additionally, Le Minh was authorized to participate in the establishment of new enterprises, trademark registration, and setting up a company website.

Currently, Le Minh is preparing to attend the Lawyer Training Course at the Judicial Academy. Afterward, he plans to pursue a Master's degree in Economic Law at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. Besides that, he is now participating in an internship program at Lawlink Vietnam to reinforce his knowledge and continuously practice to achieve the goal of becoming a professional lawyer in the future.

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