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thanh nguyen

Thanh's in-depth expertise is in the area of corporate and ​​business, from issues of incorporation, mergers, and acquisitions, integrated transactions, to recruitment and labor issues, registration and protection of intellectual property rights for organizations and individuals.

Thanh has knowledge and gained extensive experience from many consulting projects and providing legal services on legal compliance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, contracts, and various litigation cases in various fields and industries such as real estate (commerce, services, industry, housing, etc.), healthcare, education, food and beverage, hospitality...

Besides professional works, Thanh is also Office Manager of LLVN in Ho Chi Minh City.

Having graduated with high honor from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law and successfully completed the Lawyer training programs at the Judicial Academy, Thanh's humble record was an outstanding student who has won many awards for scientific (legal) research projects, Thanh brings to LLVN a "fresh breeze" with dynamism, continuous creativity and a great sense of responsibility in everything she does.

“Customer satisfaction showing through the enthusiasm and relaxing smiles are the highest reward, and that motivates me to constantly improve myself every day”, said Thanh, and we absolutely agree with her.

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