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1. Are foreign diplomas recognized in Vietnam?

Diplomas granted to Vietnamese by foreign educational institutions SHALL BE RECOGNIZED in Vietnam when MEETING the requirements and provisions of the law, applied for graduate diploma or certificates of completion of educational programs of, different general-education levels; diplomas of graduation from professional secondary schools; college graduation diplomas; university graduation diplomas; master diplomas; and doctoral diplomas.

2. Which cases of foreign diplomas are recognized in Vietnam?

There are 4 cases as follows:

- Firstly, diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions which are lawfully operating in Vietnam, carrying out educational activities under their licenses and have their quality accredited by Vietnamese or foreign education quality accreditation organizations.

- Secondly, diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions are governed by agreements on equivalence of diplomas or mutual recognition of diplomas or diploma-related treaties which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has signed or acceded to. In this case, not needed to do the procedure of diplomas recognition.

- Thirdly, diplomas granted by the high school institutions, professional intermediate schools, tertiary education institutions of foreign countries for educational programs which have been accredited by education quality accreditation bodies of those countries or which have been established and allowed to grant diplomas under licenses issued by competent educational bodies of those countries.

- Finally, diplomas granted by the foreign educational institutions for the students in the form of distance education are recognized only when distance educational programs have been recognized by education quality accreditation bodies and when those institutions are licensed by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training to provide training or joint training in Vietnam.

3. What are procedures for diploma recognition in Vietnam?

4. Other issues need to pay attention when conducting procedure of recognition of foreign diplomas

At the moment, the recognition of diplomas only limited to types of full-time diplomas (high school, university, college, masters, Ph.D programs ...). There are NO REGULATIONS for recognizing certificates, certificates of learning results granted by foreign educational institutions to Vietnamese people after completing a part of a training program or finishing a short-term training or supplementary course yet, hence those certificates shall not be considered for recognition.

In the application dossier, beside the main documents such as the application form, copies of diplomas and academic results, diplomas holders who studied abroad must also enclose documents proving their time studying abroad, such as confirmation of Vietnamese diplomatic body in foreign country; confirmation of the foreign educational institution; valid copy of passport with exit/arrival stamp; proof of being registered on International Student Management Electronic Database System of Ministry of Education and Training.

In addition, applicants will also need to pay attention to keeping dossier intact, not being erased or damaged from weather, climate, etc. especially when sending by post to avoid your application being rejected for invalidity.

Recently, Ministry of Education and Training has issued and public for comment of a draft circular regulating conditions, procedures and authority for recognizing diplomas granted by foreign educational institutions to Vietnamese. Follow our website: to be updated on the latest legal changes in education and investment on education in Vietnam.

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