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Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Faculty of Jurisprudence with a high honor degree, Phuong has a solid fundamental knowledge in legal fields such as enterprise, investment, civil, and commerce. In addition, she has more than one year of working experience as a legal assistant in the consulting department at an auditing-consulting company, primarily in licensing services and labor compliance.


With her knowledge and expertise, Phuong has joined in LLVN as a Paralegal in early 2021.

During her time at LLVN, Phuong supports and plays an active role, along with the team and lawyers of LLVN in various fields such as enterprise law, investment law, contract law, and dispute resolution. Phuong is in charge of drafting and reviewing legal documents for transactions in diverse fields such as compliance in terms of labor, business lines, corporate governance, and commercial contracts. In addition, she also implements procedures on licenses of investment projects and enterprise establishment for clients in Vietnam.

Clients may find more legal updates on our website or fan-pages to facilitate your business, many of these are prepared by Phuong.

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