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Hoang Kim Nga was the first director of Public Bank Malaysia in Vietnam. With over 30 years of experience in the banking industry and working closely with Public Bank, Mrs. Nga had contributed a great deal to build the very first stepping stone for Public Bank Vietnam, not only the organizational structure but also in daily operations, long-term business and developing a dedicating team with extensive skill set.

Accepting the role of a senior partner at Lawlink Vietnam, she plays an important part in consulting and providing Clients with valuable advice on business model issues, capital structure, cash flow, risk management, and business transactions management, especially for foreign investors in investment projects within Vietnam and Vietnamese investors abroad.

With a background of education and in-depth expertise in the field of finance and banking combined with the signature prudence and carefulness gained through many years of practice, she provides clients with an absolute peace of mind and outstanding value beyond pure legal consultation.

The staff of Lawlink lovingly and affectionately addresses her as "Mama Hen", because asides from her professional work, Mrs. Nga always reserves the time for internal training, coaching and developing skills for the younger generation. Moreover, she always keeps a close eye on all the behind-the-scenes activities of the Company and looked after everyone thoughtfully and considerately.

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