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Skylar joined Lawlink Vietnam early as a collaborator and translator, supporting the drafting and editing of English documents, including contracts, legal guidelines, handbooks and researches. With her proficiency in speaking, researching and writting, she quickly took on the role of legal assistant. 

With her proficiency in language and research, her sensitivity to changes and trends to adapt business models appropriate for new generation users, Skylar contributes significantly to the development and improvement of the quality of LLVN's services.

Besides being an assistant to managing lawyers, Skylar plays an important role in establishing and developing the firm’s legal information channel through social networks to the business community, investors and entrepreneurs. She is also the author of several papers in the fields of digital technology, financial technology and banking.


Should you wish to read further her articles or learn more about legal framework of doing business in Vietnam, please do not hesitate to pay us a visit at our HCM office or subscribe to our information channel at our Lawlink Vietnam Youtube channel, our Facebook fanpage or our website

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